Halaman 3 *Upgrading my heart for nothing :))

i wanna see your face

but i dont wanna meet you

so i save your picture from facebook

and make it into a scrapbook. save it in my purse.

so i can see you everytime i want

i didnt like you

but i miss you like hell

i wanna hug you

waiting you online on Yahoo!Messenger and Facebook

see your picture with so many thought

“damn, why i’m missing you so much”

everytime i hear sound “ringg” on YM,

i hope that is you

appear and greating me

i wanna talk to you, about everything

i just wanna make a contact with you

but when you appear on YM

i couldnt do anything, freeze

i just smile seeing you, and talking to my self

“oh my, i missing you girl”

i didnt have any feeling to you

but why your profile always appear in my head

crash my concentration

“say hello to me nicely” and make me die, do nothing

my heart didnt race so fast

but why i always smile on my own when i think about you

i really didnt like you, honestly

but why i become like zombie

Not Die,Not Life yet

#i dont wanna you to hate me, i dont wanna you to forget me. i dont do anything to make you ‘see’ me. and i wont. just please dont forget me, and still be friends with me. 🙂

23:28, at my Room. Sidoarjo – Indonesia